We believe in advancing change, innovation and greater co-operation in health-care. We aim to provide an alternative option that works. We know that positive change can be made by focusing on nutritional, naturopathic and lifestyle status alongside appropriate utilisation of supplements, herbal extracts and compounded supplement powders.

Also we believe that the underlying cause of many chronic health issues is being overlooked. This is no-ones fault and it certainly does not apply in all cases. We aim to help those who come to us, sometimes feeling a level of frustration and confusion.

We have built a service that provides a holistic approach to your health concerns in a manner that is as organised and stress free as possible. We believe in making the experience as fun and pleasurable as we can. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the explosive growth of functional testing and the positive benefits it can deliver. It does not substitute for standard medical tests or thorough naturopathic assessment. Rather it adds to the richness of what is available by providing a window in to the 'grey-area' of chronic non-health.

And let's be clear. We use standard medical tests also, though often we read them slightly differently. We will liaise with GPs and specialists regarding these tests and we respect the contributions that they offer to us.

Elizabeth Orme Health Online is a reflection of Elizabeth's beliefs and the team that work with her have a single purpose - to deliver the holistic approach.