Elizabeth OrmeElizabeth Orme BSc DNN DBTh CNHC has been in practice since 1993. Initially she trained in Medical Herbalism and then went on to qualify in Clinical Nutrition (both in the UK). She has undertaken extensive post-graduate training in Naturopathic Assessment and Functional Testing. She works in a way that's very similar to a Naturopath with a particular emphasis on nutrition and nutritional supplementation, the use of herbs and clinical testing.

Over the years Elizabeth has gained a reputation for helping people with chronic conditions. She has a firm belief in looking for underlying causes and common factors. In particular she sees many clients with conditions that are commonly not perceived as life-threatening but which can be completely debilitating – for example Chronic Energy Problems, Irritable Bowel, Food Intolerances, Menstrual Issues, Chronic Infections. Often these problems stem from stress and lifestyle factors. Many cases present with multiple issues and overlapping symptoms.

Elizabeth regularly sees clients with these Conditions:

  • Chronic digestive and bowel health problems (including parasitic and bacterial issues)
  • Metabolic dysregulation (including high cholesterol, glucose regulation, weight gain, fatty liver)
  • Allergies, intolerances and issues with natural food chemicals
  • Fatigue and energy depletion (including CFS, adrenal fatigue, thyroid related issues)
  • Chronic immune problems (depletion, pain and inflammation, viral and bacterial infection, autoimmune)
  • Hormonal irregularities (including PMS, perimenopause, menopause, dysregulation of male hormones)
  • Links with some irregularity in Methylation (including MTHFR)
  • Mood disorders (depression, poor cognition, anxiety)
  • Nutrient depletion and difficulties with dietary choices
  • Wanting support for healthy ageing (nutrients and lifestyle)
  • Requesting integrated support (eg working alongside a GP or specialist providing nutrient or herbal support).

If necessary, as part of her assessment, Elizabeth will undertake a variety of tests. These include standard blood tests, functional tests and naturopathic tests. In many chronic cases, testing is essential to establish underlying issues and so point the way towards treatment options. To find out more about the wide range of tests, go to Testing.

Rarely will Elizabeth look at a problem in isolation. She believes in a completely holistic approach. This means that she will check many bases – your nutrition, your digestion, your immunity, your energy, your mood, your lifestyle.

With an extensive nutritional training, Elizabeth will tailor your diet to suit your health condition and your circumstances.

Elizabeth consults with clients across Australia and to New Zealand and the UK. All consultations are by video or phone.