Daniel Hawkins

As there is no single approach that suits everyone, Dominic tailors each treatment individually for each person. His gentle approach to relieve stresses and strains in the body’s joints and muscles draws on an extensive range of osteopathic techniques including myofascial, positional and active releases, different styles of massage and, if appropriate, osteopathic joint manipulation.

Possessing a broad array of techniques allows Dominic to be very adaptable, whether treating adults or children. He is keen to integrate “self-help” practices such as individualised exercises, stretches or nutrition. This helps each client to manage their complaint and to get the best from their body's natural ability to repair itself. His passion is alleviating pain in the shortest time possible with the least amount of treatment.

Dominic originally trained at Unitec inNew Zealandwith a five-year program consisting of a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and Master of Osteopathy. Since then he has developed interests in several areas, including the aches, pains and repetitive strains that come as a result of desk and computer work, as well as other workplace injuries, such as lifting injuries and strains coming from "hard yakka".

Additionally Dominic has a special interest in people whose physical symptoms are worse when they are emotionally stressed, and he sees those who have both muscular aches and pains and problems like low energy, tension headaches and IBS.

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