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"At last! A way of eating that acknowledges That YOU ARE UNIQUE"

We all know of examples – the Eskimos eat almost exclusively fat and protein, the people of the Mediterranean region eat lots of fish and salads and fruit with moderate amounts of dairy, the French have a diet high in antioxidants, the Scandinavians have a diet high in game meat and dairy products, the Japanese eat a lot of soya products and fish, and many of the people of Asia are almost completely vegetarian.

So - if it is this simple – all we need to do is to eat the traditional diet of our ancestors? Correct – except for one large omission, and this is why you, and I, need Metabolic Typing. The world is not static. If our ancestors had stayed in one place and never ventured away from their region of birth the theory could hold. But for generations and generations people have been on the move and settled elsewhere, often far away to other parts of the world. Inevitably they strayed from their traditional diet – they had to in order to survive. And they married outside of their tribe or cultural group – so the gene pool became well and truly mixed.

Also, a process of adaptation takes place and the Metabolic Type can shift due to factors such as climate and changes in available foods. -- All of this particularly applies to modern Australia, a young country, in relative terms, made up of peoples from all parts of the globe.

The bottom line is this - there are no dietary rules. So when you are told you need to follow the "Something Something Diet" to achieve weight loss, or solve your digestive problems or to have boundless energy – take a step back, and ask yourself the question – "Do I?" – "Is this right for me?" – "Does this diet match my special needs?" Sometimes you get lucky, and it will. At other times, it won't.

How Metabolic Typing puts an end to this confusion

  1. It frees you from the lottery of dietary choice
  2. It gives you information that is all about you
  3. It breaks nutritional rules (when relevant).

And Metabolic Typing is not a new-fad. Yes, it's fairly new to Australia …. However, it's roots go way back

If you look at ancient cultures, you find systems that reflect the need to classify people according to their type. Born in ancient India, Ayurvedic medicine is over 5000 years old, and it’s still popular and applicable today – you are either Vatta, Pitta or Kapha or combinations of these and this determines (amongst other things) the foods that are right for you. The Chinese Theory of Five Elements, also thousands of years old, holds similar principles. And ancient Egypt, known for its extraordinary capacity to be "way before its time" had a well developed classification system. All these are forms of metabolic typing.

Modern-day Metabolic Typing began its evolution in the 1920s. Well known names include Dr Weston Price, a Dentist who travelled the world in the 1920s and 30s comparing traditional ethnic diets with the "western" foods of the day; Dr George Watson, a Psychologist practising from the 1950s to the 80s, who developed a classification based on the Oxidative System; and Dr William Donald Kelly, working around the 60s and 70s, first cured himself of a deadly form of cancer, and then went on to establish a typing classification based on the Autonomic Nervous System.

For a number of years there were followers of the Oxidative Method and followers of the Autonomic Method. Both schools thought they were right -- and by definition, that the others were wrong! -- And so the stage was set for Metabolic Typing as it is today.

The curtain was raised in 1984 when William Walcott, Nutritionist (and previously an assistant to Dr Kelly), realised that all parties were right and no-one was wrong!! Of course, we all have an Oxidative System and an Autonomic Nervous System BUT when it comes to nutrition, only one of these systems is Dominant – this means that when you eat, either your Oxidative System or your Autonomic Nervous System will be telling your body how to respond to that food -- and their messages are quite different.

Following this revelation, William Walcott went on to develop the system of Metabolic Typing as we know it today. Amongst his many contributions, he is responsible for developing a highly sophisticated computerised system for determining your Metabolic Type. During the 1990s he was joined by another dentist, Dr Harold Kristal. Working in conjunction with William Walcott, Dr Kristal developed a system of clinical testing that can be used to determine certain aspects of your Metabolic Type.

And you may ask "Why is Metabolic Typing so very different?"

Because it recognises individuality – that we are all different when it comes to food. This means that any nutrient or food can have virtually opposite effects in individuals of different Metabolic Types. This is mind boggling information to anyone familiar with “standard” nutritional theory!

One individual may need a diet of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, lots of mixed salads, rice and other grains, plenty of light dairy produce and minimal amounts of white fish and chicken breast. But another individual may need something very different -- red meat, oily fish, full fat dairy, minimal fruit, very few grains and a fairly short list of specific vegetables.

How different we can be! It’s back to the old saying, "One man’s food is another man’s poison"

"And how does Metabolic Typing work?"

"Metabolic Typing does not aim to cure a disease or illness. Rather, it works to balance various Control Systems within the body. Although hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions take place in your body on a daily basis, they all fall under the regulation of a handful of Control Systems. By adopting foods and nutrients that are right for your Metabolic Type, and eating them in the proportions that are right for you as an individual, your body starts to bring these Systems into balance." (Acknowledgement William Walcott)

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