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Category: Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Posted: 18 March 2012

We offer a Hypnotherapy and Counselling service at Gold Coast Holistic Health. Shane Mumford is available for consultations - your first appointment is an hour and a half. To make it easier to see Shane, he offers late appointments on a Friday and he is available on Saturday also.

If you want to know more about hypnotherapy or counselling, Shane offers a 20 minute FREE session.



Helping the Fear of Public Speaking

Posted: 29 August 2011

Most people fear public speaking more than anything else. I have had clients tell me that they would rather die. I have had clients tell me that they have vomited at the thought of speaking to friends and family at a wedding. Amazing.

Personally I love getting up in front of a group and speaking. Why? Its a thrill.

So, imagine for a moment that you are looking forward to your next speaking engagement.

I have helped many people to remove this fear completely. How? -- The way we create the phobic response is with pictures and movies in our minds. Some of these come from the past and some are imagined scenarios in the future... all of them are in your mind, and because they are in your mind, they can be changed.

There is a very well known process in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) called the phobia cure. It was developed by studying hundreds of people who had successfully released their phobias and then the process was tested to get the best results.

Most people are truly amazed by the process and how quickly it works, and unlike many other fear releasing techniques, you don’t have to ‘do’ anything else once the session is over.

This post is from Aaron McLoughlin. See his Special for September and follow this link to find out more about NLP and Hypnosis


Welcome to Aaron McLoughlin

Posted: 1 August 2011

We are pleased to welcome Aaron McLoughlin to Gold Coast Holistic Health. Aaron practices Hypnotherapy and NLP. He's working at Gold Coast Holistic Health on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Aaron has been in practice as a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in New Zealand and Australia since 1996. He has written three books and taught his Better Sleep Sooner seminars in Australia and New Zealand.

He conducts seminars and workshops on personal development and is available for talks to interested groups.

Aaron holds a Bachelor in Social Sciences (Psych major), a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and is a Master NLP Practitioner. He's a past president of the New Zealand Professional Hypnotherapists Association.



Hypnotherapy is Back!

Posted: 10 April 2011

Once again we are able to offer Hypnotherapy Consultations. Barry Pierce, Hypnotherapist, has joined us at Gold Coast Holistic Health.



Stress Relief for Those Affected By the Floods

Posted: 15 January 2011

Tony Grant, Hypnotherapist offers Free Hypnotherapy to anyone suffering Anxiety and Stress as a result of the recent Floods



NEW Hypnotherapist!

Posted: 31 October 2010

Female hypnotherapist joins Gold Coast Holistic Health - welcome to Stephanie Kerr



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