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Osteopathy for Many Conditions

Posted: 31 December 2014

e are often asked - Who can be treated by an Osteopath? The answer is anyone. It is suitable for small babies right through to the elderley. Techniques and types of sessions will vary from person to person and according to the complaint presented. Thus a baby with sleeping difficulties will receive a completely different treatment to an adult man with low back pain.

Our osteopaths are trained to treat a wide range of conditions. They use many techniques including cranial osteopathy.

To find out more, go to



Acupuncture Across the Week

Posted: 2 January 2014

At Gold Coast Holistic Health we have two Acupuncturists. Phi Gitsham practices Acupuncture and Laser Therapy. Rhiannon Elton practices Acupuncture and Massage. They both use Chinese Herbs.


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Osteopathy Across the Week

Posted: 31 October 2013

Osteopathy is available at Gold Coast Holistic Health from Monday to Saturday. Osteopathy is used to treat all age groups from the very young (just a few weeks old) to the elderly. No-one is excluded.

To find a convenient appointment time call our reception. Or call us with your queries. Reception is trained to answer your questions, but if they cannot answer your query they will ask an osteopath to call you back.



Acupuncture and Massage

Posted: 30 September 2013

At Gold Coast Holistic Health we have two Acupuncturists. Phi Gitsham practices Acupuncture and Laser Therapy. Rhiannon Elton practices Acupuncture and Massage. They both use Chinese Herbs. During October they are combining to offer a Special that gives you a reduction on both Acupuncture and Massage. See below for more details.


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Welcome to Rhiannon Elton

Posted: 1 September 2013

Gold Coast Holistic Health welcomes Rhiannon Elton to the clinic. Rhiannon joins our Acupuncture Team. One of her special interests is the use of Acupuncture in the treatment of fertility. Depending on your needs, she may combine Aromatherapy with Acupuncture.



Acupuncture for Women's Issues

Posted: 1 July 2013

Our acupuncturists (we have 2) see a wide range of people, including many women with hormonal issues. Acupunture may be able to assist with PMS, mood swings, menstrual pain, heavy periods and more. It is also used for women in pregnanacy and after the birth. To find out more, call our reception and ask for more details.


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Stocktake Sale of Supplements

Posted: 2 June 2013

From 6th June to 27th June we are holding a June Stocktake Sale - specifically to reduce our stock before 30th June and make the job of counting easier!

We have selected a wide range of generic supplements to sell at a 15% discount during this period. By generic we mean supplements that can be sold without a consultation and are generally available over the counter.

Click on 'read more' to see a summary list of supplements for sale (whilst stocks last). Or call our reception and ask for more details.



Let's Learn Baby Massage

Posted: 1 April 2013

Have you booked your appointment yet to learn Baby Massage? It's really worth giving this a try. It can help resolve many niggling "baby problems" like excessive crying, tummy aches, better sleep. To learn more and to answer your questions, follow this link to Rosemary Logan's Baby Massage website, Learn Baby Massage. Or call our receptionists and they will be pleased to help you.



Welcome to Rosemary Logan

Posted: 28 February 2013

We are pleased to welcome Rosemary Logan to Gold Coast Holistic Health. She will be with us twice weekly and is offering Mums and Dads a fabulous opportunity to learn to Massage their Baby or Infant. -- Infant Massage has numerous benefits including helping baby to sleep, reducing crying, relieving colic and constipation. To find out more call Tanelle or Melinda on reception. --


Saturday Sessions

Posted: 2 December 2012

Services offered on Saturday are:

Osteopathy with Joyaa Antares, Musculoskeletal Therapy and Remedial Massage with Vivian Pott and Reception is open for naturopathic and nutritional products.


Happy New Year!

Posted: 31 December 2011

Happy New Year from us all at Gold Coast Holistic Health!

2012 will be an exciting year at Gold Coast Holistic Health.

Of course we will still be offering osteopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and counselling --- and we will soon be joined by a new hypnotherapist and another osteopath -- both arriving in January.

Our acupuncture facility continues to grow with the addition of ACU-LASER THERAPY - see our January Special --- and our Counselling service is now fully comprehensive and able to offer a wide range of options.

Metabolic Typing continues to grow and we plan to take this service fully online during 2012.

This site is also being updated and if you visit in 2 or 3 weeks you will find more information and changes.

It will be a busy year and we look forward to seeing you all --


Naturopathy with Shelley

Posted: 15 October 2011

After 6 years of naturopathic studies, working with us part time and studying all hours God sends, Shelley is now practicing naturopathy at Gold Coast Holistic Health.

You may be used to seeing her behind the reception desk - well no more (at least not often). This is now the domain of Tanelle and Shelley is in the consultation room. She's offering a Toxicity Special during October and November, a mixture of testing and consultation. If you are feeling sluggish and know you should clean up a bit, why not take advantage of this offer? See the Specials box to the right.

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Every Woman’s Body is Better with Bowen

Posted: 14 October 2011

Maintaining the Health of Women During and After Pregnancy with Bowen Therapy.

Some tips and information from Brigid Fitzgerald about the benefits of Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy can be very helpful for an easier birth and a healthy baby. It optimises Mum's health and posture and helps prepare her for the big event.

Bowen Therapy gives comfort and relief for the Mum-To-Be. It helps by relaxing the diaphragm and pelvic floor - this makes more room for the baby and eases the heartburn so often experienced at the end of pregnancy as the baby pushes up against her stomach. It's wonderful to see the relief felt by these women, leaving my clinic with a big smile on their face.

Some Bowen procedures can encourage the baby to be in the correct facedown position. Breech and transverse positions can both be helped. And the changes that happen to a woman's body before and during birth can be managed by using certain Bowen Techniques.

After the birth, Bowen can help with breastfeeding, easing the new Mum into a routine. If the baby is a difficult baby that doesn't want to sleep, Bowen can help the baby too. For exhausted Mum's the session itself is a well-earned break -- Bowen Therapy is the most relaxing modality I have ever experienced, many people just fall asleep on the table. This is something new mums dream about!! --Bowen Therapy keeps working on the body for 5-10 days after the treatment session, so there's a long term benefit from the session.

Baby Blues, or post-partum depression, can can hit like a sledge hammer when the Mum should be at her happiest and most contented. Balancing her body using Bowen helps this situation -- and in my experience the results can be phenomenal.

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Huge Bike Ride!

Posted: 11 August 2011

Hi, I'm Tanelle and you may have seen me on Reception. On the 20th of this month I am taking part in a Huge Bike Ride to raise money for cancer.

As the 20th of August fast approaches I think back to when I first signed up for the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer; a 200 km ride from Brisbane to the Somerset region and back. I didn’t even own a bike when I signed up for the ride, let alone know if I could ride 200km. However, I knew it was for a good cause and I was up for the challenge!

Once I’d purchased my bike… and padded pants, the training began we started riding from Miami to Duranbah -- a 30km ride, which at the time seemed like a huge ride and left me huffing and puffing. Now I am riding approximately 85 – 100km every Saturday and loving it!

As you can imagine, riding 100’s of kilometres on a push bike can take its toll on your body -- a sore back, sore muscles and a sore neck. Of course all worth it! A big thank you goes to the Team at Gold Coast Holistic Health for helping me through these ailments. Joyaa Antares with his Osteopathic treatments, Phe Gitsham with her magically healing Acupuncture, Laurie Ehlers with his soothing Massage and Brigid Fitzgerald with her Bowen Therapy!

Please feel free to follow the link below to check out my personal page and make a donation to a worthy cause and help me reach my target!


Reminder from Lin about Pain and Emotions

Posted: 11 August 2011

In my experience as a Counsellor-Kinesiologist, I have found that issues such as lower back pain, constipation, stomach ulcers and a variety of other issues can be tracked to a stress related factor that you maybe unwilling to face, either because you are unconscious of what it is, or because you might be afraid to face the consequences of some actions or decisions.

It’s not about judging or blaming oneself for what has occurred. It’s about finding a way to accept what is.

Please make a choice to get support, to help you face what is too painful or hidden inside. I offer a safe space where you can do this, so you can release the stress that could be causing your body to grab your attention through pain.

Read more here --


Kinesiology with Counselling

Posted: 28 June 2011

We are pleased to welcome Lin Bell to Gold Coast Holistic Health. A very experienced practitioner working for over 30 years in her field. She offers Kinesiology, Counselling and Healing. She is also available to facilitate Self-Help Groups and Meditation Classes.



Looking for Space to Practice?

Posted: 24 June 2011

We are a large clinic with 2 suites and a number of practitioners. Often all our rooms are fully utilised, but now and then an opportunity arises for another practitioner to join us. Currently we have 2 1/2 days available in one room. If you are a Psychologist, Life Coach or similar -- please contact us on 07 5597 0669 for more information.



Open Saturday

Posted: 27 May 2011

You may not be aware we are open on Saturdays to 3pm. Modalities offered on Saturday are Osteopathy (with Joyaa Antares), Bowen Therapy (with Bridig Fitzgerald) and Acupunture and Chinese Herbs (with Phe Gitsham).

Call Tanelle or Shelley on reception to make an enquiry or book an apppointment.

And for more information follow these links:


Bowen Therapy

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs



Christmas Hampers

Posted: 30 November 2010

Full of healthy Yummies such as chocolate covered bluberries and yoghurt coated gojiberries -- 2 Christmas Hampers available -- small or large to suit your budget. Call reception on 5597 0669 for more details



Victoria Hornsby at MINDD Seminar

Posted: 9 June 2010

Our Special Education Tutor will also be speaking at MINDD Seminar



NEW!! Corrective Care Package

Posted: 14 May 2010

Our Corrective Care Package is now available!



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